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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to join the AzooC?


Why am I a "In Validation" member?

Even if it is free to register, you must validate your email first and your location. Do you want your neighbor to register on the site without your knowledge? We think not. The goal is to protect members against "fake" members who inscribe (too often) and "spam" members to offer products, services, or to possibly do a fraud.

For 1 "real" member, we need to erase 3 "fake" members before it becomes a free member. We eliminate 99% of "fake" members with this method. The rest (1% thus very rare) is with the help (by the reporting) of our members.

Validation is therefore manual activation within minutes or hours following confirmation of your email.

Contact us if the email has not been received yet ...

I have not received my confirmation email?

Look in your Spam/Junk folder from your email service (Hotmail, Gmail) or software (Outlook, Thunderbird ...). It is often in this folder it will end up. Add us in to your contacts.

Can I change my Username?

Sorry, this is impossible. The User names can not be changed.

I am a Privilege member. Does Free members can contact me?

They are able to express their interest too with a customize message.

Are transactions with AzooC safe?

Yes because we use PayPal which is the Internet's most popular payment service. For example, we in no way see/keep your credit card number during transactions.

Does my PayPal account will be billed automatically at the end of my subscription?

That depends on your subscription type. In the case of a single subscription, your status will be changed to simply Free. For renewal, you should repeat the purchase process.

I made a mistake in the "Sex" in my profile. How do I change?

Please contact Customer Service.

Who do I complain?

To make a complaint, such as reporting the bad behavior of a user, for example, you must write to Customer Service or by clicking "Report this user" in the action menu for each user.

What are credits for?

The credits are used primarily to use certain services such as "Visit me!" list to get your profile featured for members only or to offer more virtual gifts.

Can I earn credits?

Yes, there are several ways to earn credits instead of buying them separately as:

  • By connecting every 24 hours
  • Answer poll
  • Refer a friend
  • By registering as a member
  • ... and more!

How do you get your income?

By displaying advertisements to Free members, by the purchase of credits by members and affordable subscriptions versus our competitors. In the latter case, a paying member will not see advertising.

AzooC uses these three sources of revenue to run the server (web hosting), to advertise the community, update the site ... As in real life, there is nothing really free in the virtual world.

Our system will destroy the accounts of members who leave shocking words or disrespectful ideas on the profile, forum... without notice to maintain quality of the community.

Thank you all!